SNAP Benefits

Total SNAP benefit management.

What we can do:

Centralize all your resident services.

Allow recipients to easily enroll, re-certify and manage benefits all in one place.

Reduce work by 25+ hours per employee.

We’ve decreased the amount of manual labor each employee does by more than 25 hours per week.

Increase speed of processes for SNAP administrators.

Streamline processes and reduce fraud.

Cost Avoidance

Avoid cost increases and increase return on investment as you improve and scale SNAP services in your area.

Fraud Prevention

Verify enrollment information with AI and machine learning to minimize fraud and enable faster application approval.

Seamless Experience

Streamline processes and provide a better experience for participants and administrators with an intuitive interface.

A better SNAP experience for everyone.

Seamless, customized integrations
Mobile Platform for Benefit Recipients
Backend Management Portal for Employees
Automated SMS + Email outreach
Custom Reporting with Data Driven Messaging
24/7 Tech Support

Let’s bring the future of health to everyone.