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Creating the future of health & human services.

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Systemic issues are impacting everyone.

Outdated government systems have been in
the spotlight since the global pandemic.

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We imagine a better way.

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Our Vision

Solutions for

Child Welfare



Behavioral Health


Epi Surveillance

Residents should feel confidence and trust in the services the government provides.

Deploy faster than any other platform.

10x increase in speed to deliver public services.

Deliver the best experience for residents and workers.

5M+ people using our platform.

Long term, ROI positive deployments that you can grow with.

Millions in cost savings for our partners.


People are why we've built our platform.

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Designed with a human-centered approach.

Our deep understanding of resident needs and the work people do in government means we always deliver a top 1% user experience.

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Expanding access to care where it's needed most.

Streamlined benefit enrollment means families get the care they need, when they need it.

Privacy at the core.

Delivering a foundation for privacy and compliance as expected by residents.

at scale.

We deliver the highest level of security and speed as an expectation.

Giving administrators and case managers the tools they need.

Provide real-time data and access to government workers, enabling faster services and minimizing manual processes.

People love us and it shows.

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Florida Health
4.75 Stars out of 5
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“After manually screening the campus population during the first wave of the pandemic, bringing in this app made my life better! It was impossible to keep up with the case load in a timely manner.”

The University of Oklahoma

Their words speak for us.

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Elena De Jesus
5 Stars

Magnificent, attention, Kindness, Quality. And Responsibility. Thank you very much, I would like with more details to know that it is the one I have. Thank you GOD Bless you, in this Pro/humanitarian work

Andrea Bushy
5 Stars

This app is fantastic User friendly. Excellent COVID related information. Both general information as well as information specific to Florida.

Eduardo Chavez
5 Stars

at they do a good job and are very helpful, the benefit that is obtained from them for our well-being is more and better, thank you very much.

Mary Lee
5 Stars

We appreciate the convenient location and the ease of signing up for and having the test, plus the good staff.

Wanda Winter Haven
5 Stars

Wow!! What a fast service! My son and I felt sick. Yesterday, Friday, June 15, 22, I call early in the morning to make an appointment for the same day. We took the test before 10 in the morning and today Saturday at 3:00 pm, I received the Negative results. The nurse was excellent with us and even made us laugh. He was very kind and empathetic. Thanks for your prompt reply!!

Nicholas Dickerson
5 Stars

Once I was notified that my results were available and I created my log in, my results were available along with instructions for care. Greatly appreciate the available information and discretion.

Luise Morales
5 Stars

Great app. This system is fast an reliable!!!

Delphenia Davis
5 Stars

Great care, caring compassionate devoted staff treated me with great respect and concern as though I was one of their love ones or family members Gods blessings

5 Stars

Great. Excellent treatment and very friendly staff that operate in Aventura Mall. And everything very fast

Georgina 001
5 Stars

Excellent, very good

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