Healthy Together Launches Luna MIS - An AI-Powered Management Information System for WIC on AWS

Healthy Together, a leading health technology company specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for State-level Health & Human Services programs, is announcing the launch of its Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Management Information System (MIS), Luna MIS. Developed through a working relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Luna MIS is built on AWS and is set to revolutionize the way the program is managed and administered, offering unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and user experience.

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The new AI-powered SaaS solution leverages the infrastructure and advanced capabilities of AWS to provide a seamless and secure experience for both program administrators and participants. The system is designed to streamline the management of WIC benefits, from application and enrollment to benefit issuance and redemption, ensuring that families receive the support they need in a timely and hassle-free manner.

By leveraging AWS, Healthy Together addresses the urgent need for a comprehensive and modular software solution to replace legacy systems. Building on the success of Healthy Together's Summer EBT MIS, also powered by AWS, the WIC solution is designed to be a modular, scalable system that serves as a 'one door' experience for the program. Healthy Together's Summer EBT solution successfully launched earlier this year with Chickasaw Nation, marking the first-ever MIS implementation for the program. The deployment is active this summer in 183 school districts and will serve over 47,000 eligible students.

Key features of Luna MIS include:

  • Exceptional Participant Experience: Offers a seamless, accessible mobile and web interface with features like appointment scheduling, document uploads, store/clinic locators, in-store shopping, and multi-language translation support, catering to all user needs throughout their benefits journey.
  • Human-Centered Design: Intuitive design for easy navigation and accessibility for both administrators and participants.
  • AI-Powered Eligibility Determination: Streamlines the eligibility process with automated business rules, reducing manual work and improving efficiency.
  • Certification Lifecycle Management: Tracks and manages the entire certification process for participants, from initial application to recertification.
  • Advanced Reporting: Delivers a full suite of business intelligence capabilities in user-friendly formats, enabling broad access to data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  • Document Upload: Leveraging OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and artificial intelligence technology to intelligently extract information from uploaded documents and enhance fraud detection, ensuring accuracy and security in document processing.
  • Digital Signature Integration: Offers comprehensive digital signature functionality, simplifying the signing process for both administrators and participants, thereby streamlining workflows and enhancing user convenience.
  • Targeted Campaign Outreach: Leverages SMS and email for personalized communication campaigns, encouraging engagement and program participation.
  • Secure 2-Way Conversation Support: Provides a secure platform for confidential conversations between participants and administrators, enhancing support and engagement.

By using AWS, the Luna MIS is built on a foundation of reliability and scalability, allowing for faster and more efficient implementation. This working relationship underscores Healthy Together's commitment to leveraging the latest technologies like AI to improve public health programs and outcomes.

"We are thrilled to launch Luna MIS working with AWS," said Jared Allgood, President of Healthy Together. "By leveraging the power of AWS, we can provide a solution that meets the needs of today's WIC programs and also anticipates the challenges of tomorrow. This is a major step forward in our mission to enhance the health and well-being of women, infants, and children across the country."

Combining Healthy Together's deep understanding of benefits issuance with the technological prowess of AWS unlocks the following key benefits for WIC agencies:

  • Integration Capabilities: Real-time data synchronization, deduplication, and integration capabilities to quickly and easily connect the WIC MIS to new and existing IT systems, ensuring that participant and program data is always accurate, up-to-date, and readily accessible for informed decision-making.
  • AI & Machine Learning: Continuous updates leveraging the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to streamline processes, personalize participant experiences, and predict trends, leading to better resource allocation and program effectiveness.
  • Scalability: Flexible, event-driven architecture that enables independent scaling of modules, ensuring dynamic response to usage demands and facilitating cost-effective growth of the entire platform.
  • Security: State-of-the-art security measures to protect sensitive participant data.

Healthy Together's Luna MIS is now available for agencies nationwide. If you're an agency looking to implement an MIS, you can reach out to the team for more information at