Healthy Together and Maryland Market Money Partner to Combat Food Insecurity with an Innovative, Digital Nutrition Incentive Solution

Healthy Together, a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions for Health and Human Services Departments, proudly announces a partnership with Maryland Market Money. Maryland Market Money is a statewide food access program that feeds Marylanders and supports farmers. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in leveraging cutting-edge modern technology to enhance critical social assistance initiatives and provide Maryland Market Money with a solution that offers the necessary agility to respond to evolving circumstances and optimize its impact.

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The partnership presents a groundbreaking opportunity for the Maryland Market Money program to move away from its current plastic token system to an innovative technology. By introducing Healthy Together's Market Match Solution to the Maryland Market Money program, there will now be a digital platform to streamline the buying process for farmers and shoppers currently participating in the State of Maryland Farmers Market Nutrition Program at participating Maryland Market Money farmers markets and eventually other federal nutrition benefits as enhancements are implemented. This will elevate their matching funds initiative for combating food insecurity and streamline its processes, making it more accessible and efficient for both vendors and participants. The Market Match solution will enable users to communicate with local matching funds organizations and provide a fully digital and easily scalable one-door solution for market shopping.

"We're excited about the impact our partnership with the Maryland Market Money program will have for farmers and Farmers Market Nutrition Program participants," said Jared Allgood, President at Healthy Together. "Our goal is to use technology as a transformative tool, propelling the program towards a more effective, digitally-driven model in its mission to alleviate food insecurity."

Key features of Healthy Together's Market Match solution include:

  • Modernized Member and Administrative Experience: Healthy Together's Market Matching Solution supports members and administrators by automating processes within the current workflows and consolidating information into a single platform in order to provide the highest level of customer service, communicating effectively and efficiently, and giving shoppers the most convenient tools to maximize benefits.
  • Digital Transaction Experience: Farmers can scan a QR code for transactions, eliminating paper coupons, checks, and plastic tokens. Members have the ability to manage benefits and redeem coupons digitally, as well as view transaction history.
  • Easy Access to Farmers Market Locations: Residents can access a digital directory of local markets with directions, availability and details to shop.
  • Communication & Education Services: The built-in messaging system ensures farmers and members are informed, have access to real-time support, and offers an avenue for increased community engagement and education.
  • Translation Services: The platform offers native translation capabilities for multiple languages, and will collaborate with Maryland Market Money to identify the languages that will need to be supported.
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: With a data-driven approach, the Maryland Market Money program will gain valuable insights into consumer behaviors and market trends empowering the program to make informed decisions, optimize matching funds allocation, and tailor support to better meet the evolving needs of the community.

"We are thrilled to partner with Healthy Together and begin transitioning to a digital solution that not only addresses logistical challenges, but also opens avenues for enhanced transparency and accountability." said Heather Hulsey, Program Manager at Maryland Market Money.

Healthy Together is committed to making a positive difference in public health initiatives. In partnership with the Maryland Market Money program, this collaboration will impact more than 26,000 participants for the WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, and thousands more who participate in Maryland Market Money shopping with other federal nutrition benefits.