Health Pass

How does the Healthy Together Health Pass work?

The Healthy Together Health Pass is a simple tool for businesses, schools, and other groups to safely bring their people back to the office, school, or other in-person environments.

How it works

  1. Daily Health Pass check-ins
  2. Check in with program manager upon entry
  3. Monitor program on admin dashboard

Daily Health Pass check-ins

Organization members should fill out the quick 30-second survey each morning they plan to go to the office or campus. They can do this using the Healthy Together app.

Upon completion of the survey, the member will receive their result: either a green “Clear” or a red “Not Clear”.

Note: Organization members will be reminded every morning to fill out the Health Pass before going to work (individual members can decide whether or not they receive this reminder).

Check in with the program manager upon entry

The program manager is the person (can be more than one) responsible for making sure everyone who enters your office, class, meeting room, campus has completed that day’s Health Pass survey and has a green "Clear" result. Generally, this person might be someone sitting at the front desk of your office or building.

As your organization members walk through the front door, ideally this person (or people) are situated by the entrance to make it really easy to check each employee’s in-app badge as they enter and make sure it’s green and the date is the current date.

Monitor program on admin dashboard

Dashboard URL:

Admins of the organization will be able to log into the Healthy Together Health Pass Dashboard where they’ll be able to monitor their member’s health and manage their account.

Monitor your members' health

Admins will be able to access the last 30 days of their organization members’ history of Health Pass results. Admins won’t be able to see their members’ specific survey responses or test results, only their Health Pass results (whether the member’s result was “Clear”, “Not Clear”, or “Not Taken”) for each day.

Manage your organization

From the dashboard, admins will be able to manage their organization’s account and also have access to things like their organization’s invite link & code.

How do I invite people to join my organization?

  1. Log in to the admin dashboard
  2. Click the “Invite your team” button in the dashboard header to copy your organization’s invite link to your clipboard
  3. Send your organization’s invite link to your team however is best for your team (email, microsoft teams, slack, etc.)
  4. Your organization members will have instructions for how to connect to your organization on the invite page

How do I connect to my organization?

Steps to connect using an invite link

  1. Download the Healthy Together app (App Store Link | Play Store Link)
  2. Your organization’s admin needs to send you an invite link
  3. Click the invite link on your phone (if the app is installed, the app will open)
  4. If you already have a Healthy Together account, you’ll land on a screen asking you to agree to share your contact information and Health Pass results with your organization. Check the box and click “Confirm”.
  5. If you haven’t yet created a Healthy Together account, follow the steps to create your account. At the end of the sign up flow, you’ll be asked to connect to your organization.

Steps to connect using your organization’s code

  1. Download the Healthy Together app (App Store Link | Play Store Link) and follow the steps in the app to create your account.
  2. Have your organization’s admin send you the code
  3. Navigate in the app to the “More” tab
  4. Click on “Connected Organizations”
  5. Click “Connect to a new organization”
  6. Enter your organization code
  7. Agree to share your contact information and Health Pass results with your organization and click “Confirm”

How do I fill out the Health Pass survey?

  1. Open the Healthy Together app
  2. If you’ve already connected to your organization, go to the “Health Pass” tab
  3. Click the “Get Health Pass” button
  4. Fill out the short survey honestly

What does my Health Pass result mean?

Your result is based on the answers you gave in the survey. Healthy Together uses national, state, and local guidelines to determine questions asked and results given.

Results will reset every night at midnight (depending on your organization’s timezone).

Green - “Clear”

A green “Clear” result means that you’re eligible to go to the office or class that day.

Red - “Not Clear”

A red “Not Clear” result means that you are not eligible to go to the office or class that day. You should contact your manager or your Healthy Together admin about next steps.

If you need additional help, feel free to send us a message.