Compliance Management

One platform, total flexibility.

Stay ahead and compliant while ensuring the health and safety of your employees.

What we can do:

Increase resident participation.

Enhance participant involvement by using personalized messaging.

Reduce work by 25+ hours per employee.

We’ve decreased the amount of manual labor each employee does by more than 25 hours per week.

Get the whole picture in one administrative portal.

Stay ahead. Stay compliant.

Manage Compliance

Remain compliant through our all in one platform that meets guidelines with minimal manual input.

Verify Tests & Vaccinations

Validate CDC cards and test results with machine learning and complete full document collection and intake.

Auditable Reporting

Generate custom reports that are auditable for OSHA or government compliance or requirements.

Built to support your business.

OSHA Compliant
Exemption Handling
Real-time Status Reporting
Flexible Vaccine and Testing Policy
Multiple Levels of Verification
Support for Digital Record Integration

Let’s bring the future of health to everyone.