Healthy Together: Oklahoma Higher Education

In partnership with the State of Oklahoma Department of Health, Healthy Together has been launched at universities across the state to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. The platform includes a mobile application and dashboard that enables administrators to deploy on-site testing, deliver test results and manage symptom checks, test results and vaccination records all in one place.

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University of Oklahoma

Campus-Wide Launch Date: August 2021

Purpose / Objective: Provide campus with a COVID-19 screening and reporting tool

The University of Oklahoma was looking for a way to communicate with the campus population about current COVID-19 policies. Part of this need was a desire to allow the campus community a simple way to determine if they should come to campus or stay home on a given day.

OU worked closely with Healthy Together to leverage the app platform to provide a set of questions that individuals could answer from the convenience of their mobile device prior to coming to campus each day. Responses to the questions generated a tailored set of guidelines specific to the individual. This allowed the community to receive guidance and help on a daily basis without the need to review policies and guidelines each day. Instead, the information was given based on a few simple questions.

The rules associated with such a simple experience were complex and dynamic and followed a branching path based on participant responses. It took quite a bit of collaboration, working closely together, for OU and Healthy Together to align on the choices and outcomes. What resulted was a robust solution that provided the right guidance at the right time for each individual user. The Health Pass started as 3 simple questions and grew to a dynamic multifaceted branching questionnaire. The length of the survey became short or long depending on the answers provided to the relevant questions. There are over 23 possible guidance options to provide the user, shown in various combinations dependent on their answers.

“…students, faculty and staff must now use the Healthy Together App — a COVID-19 screening and reporting tool — to alert the university to a positive COVID-19 case, the spokesperson wrote. The app will note whether an individual is clear to come to campus based on the results of a provided questionnaire.“ (

The University of Oklahoma has also incorporated information from the usage of Healthy Together into their COVID-19 Dashboard. This has provided an additional data point to help determine the current state of COVID-19 on campus.

Throughout this partnership, there has been close communication on any challenges. One such challenge was around international students unable to sign up for the app due to an international phone number not being supported. Healthy Together worked with OU and released a new feature allowing users to register for the app with an email address, instead of just a phone number. This increased the reach to the international student population.

“We have encouraged all of our students to get tested and report their test results on the Healthy Together App so our university administration and medical officials are aware of our students’ health status,” Britt said.” (

Oklahoma State University

Launch Date: January 2022

Purpose / Objective: Provide campus with a COVID-19 screening and reporting tool

Oklahoma State University wanted a simple method to allow students, faculty and staff to stay informed about what to do about COVID-19 on campus.

OSU’s app flow was more simplified than OU and provided an easy to use set of questions to help guide users toward healthy decisions each day. Campus users were able to quickly complete 3 questions and determine if they should come to campus and be around others that day. Based on the responses given, they are provided with suggested guidance and steps to take.

OSU spent time throughout the Fall of 2021 considering how best to approach using the app on campus. Healthy Together worked closely with them to arrive at the current solution. Campus communication was sent out on Jan 5, 2022 inviting users to begin using the Healthy Together app.

“Students, faculty and staff have new resources in the fight against COVID-19. The Healthy Together app was developed for campus through partnerships with the State of Oklahoma and the technology group, Twenty Labs. The app features access to individual test results, a symptom checker, a vaccine location finder, a testing location finder and links to university and state COVID-19 resource websites.” (

“… OSU partnered with the app Healthy Together, in an effort to help reduce the spread of infections. The app can be used to track symptoms, record COVID-19 vaccines and testing. Students can report symptoms and stay up to date with COVID-19 guidelines through its daily health pass." (

Features Currently In Use:
- Secure integration with OSDH test result platform
- Secure delivery of test results to university-connected app users
- Validation for unlocking test results
- Vaccination location information on map
- Testing location information on map
- Customized symptom check for Oklahoma State University
- Customized guidance based on answers for Oklahoma State University
- Highly customized workflow for University of Oklahoma with branching questions based on responses
- Individualized guidance based on each response provided for University of Oklahoma
- Custom organizations with branding for each participating university
- Administrative dashboard reporting
- HIPAA compliance